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Find Your Path to the Life you Were Meant to Live



Save Money

With the cost of a 4-year college potentially costing $400,000 or more, it is crucial to focus on the right vocational path. Imagine the inordinate amount of money and time that could be saved.  This adds to a cycle of failure for the college graduates in which they study the wrong thing, they don’t want to work in that field, are overwhelmed by student debt, depressed and hopeless. 

Get the RIGHT Education or Degree

Statistics show that only 27% of the population of college graduates work in the field they studied and a recent Gallop Poll shows that 85% of people hate their careers. The Authentic Self Guide is a powerful tool for individuals to find the career in which they would excel, pursue and actually enjoy and is designed specifically around their gifts, abilities, nourishments and burnouts. 

Find the Career that is Custom Designed for YOU around Who you Really Are

With its focused, multifaceted and intuitive series of assessments, the Authentic Self Guide help design your own life and not be who you 'think' you should be based on others or your parents' beliefs or expectations.  Your assessment will specifically show you career paths that will bring you joy and fulfillment and that you were meant to do. 

Our success rate is approximately over 90%. And, just like your actual fingerprint, no two Authentic Self Guides are alike. 

Don’t Allow your Kids Make the Same Mistakes as You (Do you want them back at home and living in your basement?) 

Many students end up lost and even living back at home in their parents’ basement after college, and for years to come depressed, angry and overwhelmed. Parents can help save their children from the mistakes they made in their own career by utilizing The Authentic Self Guide. 

Get an Authentic Self Mentor to Help Guide You 

At the end of your comprehensive assessment, a trusted Authentic Self Mentor can help further your understanding of your true self and who you really are, providing a "fingerprint", if you will. A Mentor will develop trust and guide you knowing your personality and temperament, as well as the way you take in information. This is the time to custom create and re-design your life around your inherent gifts. A trusted Mentor becomes a valuable tool, as most people do not want to listen to their own parents. 



Find the difference between living a safe, comfortable life vs. living a life filled with happiness and joy.

The Authentic Self Guide can help you design your life to include a combination of the two. 

How would you like to redesign your life around who you really are? 

Have you ever thought back on your life and wondered what your like would like had you made different choices? Well, guess what? You CAN right now! Remember the high school or college counselor, or even your parents who told you to get into a certain field to be ‘safe’, or to become a part of the family business? So you followed that path, and then became trapped by school loans, and now you’re potentially working at a job for which you have no passion for the rest of your life. Most people spend upwards of 8 hours a day working (not to mention commuting on top of that) and we only get to enjoy a couple hours a day of our own time, if we’re lucky, doing things we enjoy.


RELATIONSHIPS: Know Yourself & Your Partner Before Commitment

55% to 60% of all marriages fail in the United States. 

The Authentic Self Guide is a powerful tool for individuals to find themselves and to get to know their partner's true self before marrying them, or even during relationship counseling.


Don’t Be Fooled by that Dopamine Rush 

Your body runs on electricity and chemistry and when you fall in love there is a dopamine rush that people mistake for a true connection. Endorphins fade! If you've ever bought a new car you realize that the endorphins usually fade before the ‘new car smell’ does! Statistics even show arranged marriages have better success rate than when marriages are based on endorphins. 


Changing Others is a Recipe for Failure            

Many times there is a push to try to change the other person to become more like who you are. If you succeed at that, it’s doomed to fail; each person has to keep his or her individuality. 


Learn Who YOU are and Who the Other Really is Before Commitment            

When you truly know the other person you can accept them for who they are and recognize their gifts and how to build a real relationship together for an authentic connection. Most people marry their parents; that is, people with the same characteristics and subconscious belief system, which may not be a compatible one. They also tend to sometimes feel they can "fix" their spouse. Again, this is a formula for failure. 


Save Years and “Half of Everything”…

 When a marriage fails, you not only lose half of everything you own, but years of your life, and many times ending up in deep depression. We tend to blame the partner for misinterpreting our dopamine rush, thereby blaming them. Affecting our self-esteem, our work, and our happiness and joy. 


How People Spend Money is one of the Most Important Aspects of a Relationship

In my over 20 years of being a licensed psychotherapist and marriage family therapist I have found that how people spend money is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. If one person doesn't know how to spend money the relationship can be doomed.  For example, a person may have the personality of a caretaker (codependent), be naive about money or a pleasure-seeker when it comes to how the spend money which ultimately creates a personal who is ineffectual with money. The Authentic Self Guide will assess and identify these patterns. 


A true relationship is a business relationship with a sense of common values and knowing the gifts that each person brings to the table to build that relationship. Each person needs to respect and honor the other and build a relationship around it.

Many times people have lost touch with who they really are and their Authentic Self; and they give it up in a relationship. Before getting into a new relationship or to gain closure and heal from one that has failed, you can learn how define your Authentic Self and learn how to keep it intact moving forward.

WHAT IS YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS? How it Controls You and How to Change it. 


Our subconscious belief system runs our life 90 to 95% of the time versus our rational mind and reason. 

The subconscious mind is run by emotions and emotions have no relationship to facts. Think about 'road rage' and what that brings out in you and other people. 

First 7 Years of Life are Critical Development Years for Your Subconscious            

Research shows your subconscious mind is developed 70% by the time you are seven years old. Think back on what happened in your childhood in the first three years of school. Those are significant years. 


During the first seven years of life, you're in what is known as the theta state, which is one of 4 types of brain states. The theta state is what happens to the brain in hypnosis. In this state the brain accepts what is happening around them mostly through people's actions, as their own reality. This is why abused children sometimes become abusers themselves and why the book says that if you’re raised in a poor family you’re going to be poor yourself, with very few exceptions. Whatever the child is taught or absorbs during this crucial development time becomes their reality and their belief system. This actually reverts back to how people spend money and how they relate to themselves as a person.


"Who is this guy, and why should I trust anything he says?"! 

Dr. Zinn brings an elevated combination of science, psychology, philosophy and wellness. His first degree was in science and the first seven years of his career he worked on the NASA project. After competing internationally in rowing and swimming, he discovered he wasn’t happy. He then started to have “Happy People” parties. As a result, he started discovering wellness and joy. He then founded one of the first Men’s consciousness groups. 

A Pioneer in Reprogramming the Subconscious Belief System

He has a unique doctorate in Transformational Psychology, encompassing positive psychology, which is psychological wellness, spiritual psychology, and transpersonal psychology, which is Eastern and Western psychology, philosophy and religion. Basically, this way of applying psychology helps people transform their lives, with an emphasis on wellness. He’s proud to say he is one of the pioneers in this field, which involves reprogramming the subconscious belief system. As part of this work, this is how he created an individualized owner’s manual, which is an in-depth map of your authentic self, based on a wellness model. This is the Authentic Self Guide©®. Just as each human has a unique fingerprint, so too does each person have a unique set of gifts, talents, temperament, structure of intelligence and way of interacting with the world. Given the unique fingerprint of the Authentic Self Guide, you can redesign your life around who you really are versus who you think you should be. Let us help you discover the true you and design your life. 

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Dr. Zinn
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